Google Book Viewer in Sites

In Enhanced Github gadget I showed how to display source code and markdown prettified source code in a resizable gadget on your site. Let's say now that you want to refer to a book instead. You can use the Google Books Viewer API to show a book and its contents. 

Here's a gadget to do that. I'm showing a preview of My book, going GAS

Preference configuration

There's not too many options here. I've decided against making this a hoverable gadget since the Books Viewer API doesn't work too well with certain widths and heights. The only thing you really need is the ISBN number of the book.

Where to get it

The hosted address for my version this gadget is as below. You can use it or copy and make your own.  

To insert, go to insert/..More gadgets and insert by URL. 

It's also on github or the source code can be revealed below

See more like this in Fancy gadgets on Sites. If you have a book you'd like featured on any page that is relevant to my content, let me know!
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