This is the the driver for DB.DRIVE described in Database abstraction with google apps script 

The library reference is Ma__4vH--nQ_FPsuNF1BFuyz3TLx7pV4j


This driver uses the Google Drive Service to save a JSON file representing the contents of a small database. Note that manipulation of the contents causes a rewrite of the entire object, so this particular solution is probably best for daily small amounts of data. Having said that, the performance seems pretty good. It works the same as all the other drivers, and querying sorting and limiting are all implemented. This is a fairly useful way to create JSON data as input to other apps.

The siloId is the name of the file in which to store the JSON data, and the dbId is the path of the folder in which to store the file. Here's how to get a handler.

var driveHandler = new cDataHandler.DataHandler('carriers.json',cDataHandler.dhConstants.DB.DRIVE,undefined,'/datahandler/driverdrive');  

The code

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