Note that this uses scriptDB which has now been deprecated. I haven't yet got round to changing the backend. Please check back later.

What are openbadges?

Here is a graphic reproduced from the mozilla open badges website, which i think sums up the openbadges ecosystem rather well. Badges are evidence of some capability or knowledge you have demonstrated you have. These are stored in a badge backpack, and can be displayed on some website or blog.
mozilla open badges

What has openbadges to do with Excel Liberation

Open badges are a great way of recognizing competence, and I'm interested in seeing whether I might be able to personalize the site experience to what you have already learned or covered. My objective is to create a personal achievements panel on each page on this site, showing your expertise on the topic being discussed (the badges you have already earned through demonstrating an understanding of the topic), versus what you still could learn on related topics (the badges that could still be learned on this site)

Next steps

I'll gradually be introducing questions on each page that by answering, you can earn a badge. Next time you visit that page, I'll show the badges you've earned, along with the related ones you might consider. For details of the open badges platform see here

Technical implementation

I'll create a section on how I'm implementing this as I go along, so you can implement something similar on your site.  

Taking the test

You can see on the right the type of thing with some scratch data. This will administer the questionset that has been associated with this panelset.

Try it.

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