Accessing gas functions from Excel

So here's an interesting thought. Being able to invoke Google custom functions, and consuming the shared data as customs functions in Excel. In Using VBA to consume a rest blister query I showed how to consume data from the scriptDB(s) that hold the GAS lists and validation. Taking that a step further, as described in this blog post, here's Excel functions that create a restquery to execute the Blister custom functions so you can use the same data and function logic in Excel as in GAS.

You can download the workbook, blisterFunctions.xlsm, from the Excel Liberation download page.


Get all the data in the airlines list - Enter as an array formula

Get the headers, then the data from the billboardhot100, both entered as an array formula


Here's a few more examples.  All these function are described in Blister custom functions, and behave the same in Excel as in Google Apps Script.

The Code

You need the cJobect  modules and classes. These can be found in blisterFunctions.xlsm, from the Excel Liberation download page, or you can use gistthat to include them in your workbook.

These functions can be directly accessed as functions from the workbook, or called from other VBA functions. All they do is call their counterpart in Google Apps Script

The Google Web app.

This receives requests from the Excel custom functions, executes the appropriate google apps script function and sends back the result as json. They can of course be called from anything - not necessarily Excel.

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