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This is a summary of the downloadable completed projects on this site. The complete set of additional and related downloads can be found here.

What to download

All the examples contain all the classes needed for them to work and all projects can be found here

If you just want the main utility classes used throughout this site, in the Downloads section cDataSet.xlsm includes everything you need including some examples. 
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Countdown timer countdown timer Excel/VBA Count down timer using any Excel shape 
Creating Google Maps Layers from Excel Data Google Maps Google Mapping/Earth/Visualization Accessing Google MAPS and Google Earth API directly from Excel. Geocoding, marking and combining with Google Visualization to generate complete data driven applications 
Data Manipulation Classes cDataSet Excel/Vba/jSon A set of VBA classes to abstract data from physical sheet location 
Execution Time Logging Workbook Profiler Excel/VBA Report on cell based recalculation performance in worksheet. A more fully functional version of this is in the procprofiler package 
From VBA to Google Apps Script Google Roadmapper Spreadsheet Google Apps Script You will need to log into a google account to use this. use file/make a copy to get your own private version. This is is the Google Apps Script conversion of the roadmapper project. 
Get Data From Google Docs Built into cDataSet Excel/Vba/jSon Gets data from Google docs straight into Excel 
Get Data from Outlook outlookLookup Excel/VBA Get Data from Outlook global address list 
Get Started Snippets Getting Started Workbook Excel/VBA Code referenced in the getting started series of snippets 
Google Analytics tracker analytics gadget Google Gadget A gadget to inject analytics tracking in any web page 
Google Script Color Ramp Google Apps Script Color Ramp Document Google Apps Script Log into Google and use file/copy to make your own private copy to access this google doc and the apps script code 
Google Visualization googlecharts Google Visualization Create Google Visualizations from Excel Data  
Hiding data in Excel Objects trackingdata Excel/Vba/jSon Serialize data in JSON and store in Excel objects or cookies 
Roadmap Generation Excel version of Roadmapper Excel/Vba/jSon Roadmapper - note that this is now part of in cDataSet.xlsm 
Sudoku Generator and Solver Exceldoku Excel/VBA Sudoku Generator and Solver 
VBA profiler procprofiler Excel/VBA Automatic profiling of VBA functions 
web based roadmapper roadmapper package Google Gadget Javascript/xml/Gadget implementation of roadmapper for embedding into web sites 
Showing 16 items