Integrating Excel with Maps and Earth

What can you learn here ?
  • Organize your location data
  • Create summary visualizations
  • Create data driven applications

Geocoding, Mapping and creating data driven applications straight out of Excel get it now

This article will cover 3 main topics
  • How to use the most common APIs for GeoCoding (clean up an address and find it's co-ordinates)
  • How to plot Excel data directly on a map using a variety of mapping providers
  • How to create rich, data driven applications that integrate Maps, Earth, Visualizations and Twitter straight from Excel parameter data, without needing to write any javaScript.
If you are interested in how all this is coded, or how the APIS compare, you can read this and subsequent pages.  Read the summary blog entry comparing Bing, Yahoo, Ovi and Google Maps. If you are more interested in choropleth maps in Excel, see Coloring maps and other shapes
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Try it out first ?

If you just want a to take a look at some generated applications, then you can download and generate an example application (googleMapping.xlsm) and come back here later, or try some of these applications that have already been generated straight out of excel. For a quick start, try Step by Step Guides.