VizMap Measures

VizMap: the measures parameter Block  get it now

This parameter block is handled by cDataSet classes and defines the dictionary fields required for charting and how to aggregate their contents.

For this example we are going to use the Concerts/Venues example. The complete workbook (googlemapping.xlsm) can be downloaded and the example Parameter WorkSheet is called VenuesParameters.

Before setting up the Measures Parameter Block, you should first define the VizMap Dictionary and the VizMap Tabs parameters

Measures Parameter Block

The block for the example application we are using can be found in the VenuesParameters WorkSheet,  looks like this and is terminated by a blank line.

Each item is an entry in the VizMap Dictionary and will be a numeric type. You can have more than one dictionary entry for the same matching excel column, and each dictionary entry would be mentioned here with a different aggregation operation. Valid Operations are 

The purpose of these measures is to define how the chart and summary element should treat aggregation of numeric fields. The tab entry for a chart field should consist of a label field, followed by a series of numeric fields for whom the measure operation has been defined as above.

jSon representation

The measure parameter section in this example  generates the following jSon fragment.

         "Average Price":"average",