Some OAUTH2 walkthroughs

This section contains some different methods of getting an access token for use with Google APIS that are not built in or advanced services. 

All the demo code for the full app used in these examples is available on github. Note that I'm using the same code for all these examples, so the final source on github will have evolved in some details from the writeup here.

Quick summary of all OAuth2 scenarios

Using the apps script token

The first example is the simplest, where we reuse the Apps Script token. Here's an example using the Native Drive API, but borrowing an access token from Apps Script..

Using Goa

For the next examples, we'll need the cGoa library which  is available under this project key, or on github. All the tests described for this topic are also available on github.


There is a tutorial and complete documentation on Goa available here.

Using a service account

The next simplest method is to use a service account. This is most suitable if you are accessing resources associated with a project as opposed to an individual. Here's an example using the Cloud Vision API with a service account.

Using a regular OAUTH2 flow

This is the most complex, but the Goa library actually makes it fairly straightforward too. You should decide whether to use the UserProperties or ScriptProperties based on whether the application is using your resources (running as you), or who ever is using its resources. For more information on that, see Accessing as the user running the script

Next, Using OAuth2 when published as 'user accessing the webapp' enhances the example by adding Google Picker to be able to look at a user's Drive files.

Finally here's a completed app with all kinds of scenarios built in. Comparing Google and Microsoft - image emotion detection

Using Goa for Firebase custom authentication

This uses JSON web tokens and is not actually OAuth2, but goa can also be used as described in Firebase custom authentication with goa.

Goa Tutorial slides

Goa tutorial

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