cProcTimer Class

Normally you do not need to access this class. However, some of the properties can be useful for more advanced applications and rogue use case identification.

Public Methods

Usage Name ReturnsArgument(s) Summary
 Advanced Reset none noneResets a cProcTimer  to initial values
 Advanced Start none noneStarts or restarts timing a section
 Advanced Pause none nonePauses timing a section
 Advanced Finish
Finishes timing a section 
 Advanced cMicroTimer Double nonereturns ticks/frequency

Public Properties

Usage Name TypeSummary
 Advanced LevelptLevels Analysis level of cProcTimer. Used to filter current  level of analysis required against cProcProfiler.Level
 Advanced isOpenboolean Whether this section is currently started
 Advanced Active boolean Whether this section is currently actively part of the profiling session
 Advanced     Name string Section name associated with this cProcTimer
 Advanced LastTime readonly- Date The last time there was a finish method executed
 Advanced FirstTime readonly - Date The first time there was a start method executed
 Advanced Added readonly - Date The time this section timer was created
 Advanced ProcName String The procedure name against which to report this section
 Advanced Iterations readonly - Long The number of times the finish method has been executed for this section
 Advanced TotalTime readonly - double  The total time so far recorded against this section
 Advanced MaxTime readonly - double The maximum time so far recorded between a start and finish method for this section
 Advanced MinTime readonly - double  The minimum time so far recorded between a start and finish method for this section    
 Advanced soFar readonly - double (introduced version 0-3) The measurable time since the last start method. The other time measurement properties are only valid after a finish method. soFar can be accessed anywhere between a start and finish method.    If accessed after the finish method it will return 0

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