3d Validation

Using Named ranges to do 3d validation

Let's say that you want to collect data like this on a data entry sheet.

And you want to validate that a valid color is entered for the combination of make/type in addition to validating the entries for Make and Model.

Firstly,  create a table for validation that looks like this

Validating the model

This is pretty straightforward. Our dynamic named range - Models - looks like this


and can be applied as a data Validation list to the Make Column (A) of the data entry sheet.

Validating the Make

Our dynamic named range -Makes- looks like this.


and can be applied as a data Validation list to the Type Column (B) of the data entry sheet.

Validating the color.

Suddenly it's got much more complex. We need a named range the shape of the table, and worse, each table entry can contain multiple valid colors.

The dynamic named range - colorTable - for the table body can be defined quite easily from the make and model range.


But how about validating the colors.. Let's take 2 steps, firstly lets make a list a of valid colors of any sort

Its dynamic named range - colors - would be this


So we could easily apply this as a data validation list against column C, but it wouldn't check for valid combinations. We have to do something more complex.


So we are going to need to enter a custom formula in the data validation dialogue for column C.

  1. Validate the color entered is a real color
  2. Validate the color is valid for the make Model Combination
is the color known?
what does the list of valid colors look like for this combination ?
does what was entered appear in that list?
putting it all together as a custom formula in the dialog box
=AND(ISNUMBER(MATCH(C2,colors,0)), ISNUMBER(SEARCH(C2,INDEX(colorTable,MATCH(A2,Makes,0),MATCH(B2,Models,0)))))

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