How to control your vizMap application

This is part of the Step by Step Guides to get started with some of the more complex topics on this site. The full story on vizMap applications can be found at Data Driven Mapping applications

What you need

GoogleMapping.xlsm from the Download Complete Projects page


To control the behavior of your vizMap Data Driven Mapping applications.


Controlling your application means providing behavior parameters - from selecting the provider (Google Maps or Google Earth), through to defining the altitude and angle at which you 'look at' a spot whilst flying around it. For detailed information, see VizMap Controlling Execution

Controlling parameter block

  • In the step by step parameter sheet you will see a parameter block, Control. Some of these parameters are for Earth, and some for both Maps and Earth.

  • The Spots parameter block control where to get the marker image to use for each spot. If blank, then the default markers will be used. You can also specify categories here. Any dictionary names can be used, separated by commas. A category selector will be created for each one in the list. You do not need to change the contents of the array column and they should be set as below.

What just happened ?

You have defined the behavior of your vizMap application. Choosing between an earth or maps visualization is as simple as changing the provider. For more information see Flying around with Google Earth, VizMap Controlling Execution, Click events in Google Earth, and Data Driven Mapping applications

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