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How to use cDataSet

Excel Data Manipulation Classes I notice from Google Analytics the the cDataSet pages are by far the most popular on the site. These classes are used throughout all the projects on the site, and are […]

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Integrating Excel with Maps and Earth

Getting data from Google Maps to Excel

Mapping visualization layers from Excel The Google Maps API is a wonderful thing, allowing you to convert an unstructured and incomplete address and get back a whole bunch of structured and mapping data. Google is […]

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Getting Started Series

Looking at Google Analytics Data for my site, I notice that there are 2 distinct populations. Those that look and read through a project article (5-10 minutes) and those that stay a few seconds on […]

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Dynamic forms and jSon

Following previous developments on hiding data in excel objects, Excel jSon conversion and dynamic forms I figured it was time to combine all these threads, and have implemented all that as an integrated solution as […]