cParseCom examples

In – nosql database for VBA, I described how to use cParseCom to be able to use directly from VBA. You can find the implementation details here api class for VBA Here’s a few […]

Apps Script & Java Script

cParseCom implementation

I use scriptDB a lot , both with Google Apps Script and from other sources, including VBA, and in this blog post, I  compare performance with script DB. One of the things that has going […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Some simple examples

Because the GAS API is so similar to – nosql database for VBA, you may want to read that too, which has similar examples. Note that virtually all methods can be chained leading to pretty […]

Apps Script & Java Script

creating Parse Classes from Google Spreadsheets

Just as in – nosql database for VBA, you’ll probably want to load up some test data from a Google Spreadsheet to a class.  You’ll find some test data in this workbook – it’s same data […]


Query Limits on

The first problem we hit is the 1000 object limit on parse queries. Here’s how to get round it using jQuery promises.

How it works Parse allows only 1000 results max per query, but […]


Updating ScriptDB

Writing to was fairly complex, with all the asynchronicity and limiting. Writing the workbook to scriptDB should be much easier. We’ll use exactly the same approach as for Updating , namely get the data, get the existing […]



We’ve looked at Query Limits on and Google Visualization API data to prepare for loading the color table from Playing around with GAS color into Now to load the data Using One of the constraints of parse  is that it’s […]


Query from GAS

First up we’ll query the colortable  created in Updating, using the parse REST API. We can’t use the javaScript API in dome way from GAS, because it’s not caja compliant – if it were, we […]

Apps Script & Java Script – noSQL database for GAS

Google Apps Script already has a noSQL database – scriptDB. I use it a lot, and have plenty of examples on this site. When I was developing api class for VBA , part of the motivation was […]

Microsoft Office & VBA

more complex parse API topics

We’ve dealt with – nosql database for VBA, cParseCom examples and shown the code at api class for VBA. Here’s a few selected topics to help you understand a lottle more about how […]


Common query code

Following on from Query from GAS,  and Query scriptDB from GAS here’s the common code they each need to construct and compile the queries and results. colorschemer created by GitJsonApi 0 forks. 4 stars. 0 open […]


Data from

Deprecated has now become and i will be investigating it at a later stage. I am however leaving the page as if as you may still find it useful. Contact me if you […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Color scheme explorer

In this section, we’ll build an application that pulls together many concepts already covered elsewhere on this site. You can run it standalone at, or below, embedded in this page  The target application Pulling together Playing […]

Microsoft Office & VBA – nosql database for VBA

I use scriptDB a lot , both with Google Apps Script and from other sources, including VBA, and in this blog post, I compare performance with script DB. One of the things that […]

Parse api class for VBA – nosql database for VBA, describes how to use this class to be able to use directly from VBA. Here’s the details of the implementation. List of functions and properties Can be found […]

Parse is a database in the cloud. Working with Parse, there are some similarities with scriptDB. […]