Big arrays and scriptDB

Like most Google Services, there are various quotas that apply to scriptDb. One of these is the maximum object size. Here’s how to split up large arrays to help get round that. In this case, I’m not […]

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scriptDb JavaScript api examples

The JavaScript client is very similar to A VBA API for scriptDB, so reading that will give you a more detailed flavor of what can be done. The implementation is very different though, and there are […]

Apps Script & Java Script

testing the API

The tests that are referred to in scriptDB API for JavaScript are implemented in Code is below

These are the results you should see, once the copy has completed

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scriptdbcom implementation

Here is the javascript implementation for the scriptDB API. It needs jQuery.

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Authenticating scriptDb JavaScript API

As per this blog post, Google Apps Script does not support CORS (cross origin resource sharing) to allow access from cross domain client apps. The API uses JSONP for GET requests to get over this, but […]


Updating ScriptDB

Writing to was fairly complex, with all the asynchronicity and limiting. Writing the workbook to scriptDB should be much easier. We’ll use exactly the same approach as for Updating , namely get the data, get the existing […]

From VBA to Google Apps Script

Generate an auto incrementing key with scriptDB

NOTE: ScriptDB is now deprecated. Please take a look at Database abstraction with google apps script for alternatives. Sometimes you need to create a unique identification for each object. ScriptDB automatically assigns a unique objectId for each object, so […]

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cScriptdbCom client

Here’s the  arguments to the cScriptDbCom class of A VBA API for scriptDB Here’s the VBA client code for A VBA API for scriptDB And the code for many of the examples mentioned for this topic For […]

From VBA to Google Apps Script

Trying out your new scriptDB environment

If you’ve followed Creating your own scriptDB environment we are ready to start accessing it from VBA. Registering authentication There are 2 things you need to do, both of which are one off things. You may have […]


Creating your own scriptDB environment

Here’s what you need. This is written from the perspective of A VBA API for scriptDB, but most of it also applies to scriptDB API for JavaScript Work your way through the material on A VBA API for […]


Handler for cScriptDbCom requests

The VBA API generates REST API requests from your VBA function calls, and needs a Google Apps Script handler to service those requests by communicating with the required scriptDB instance. You can have multiple handlers, […]

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Getting started with cScriptDbCom

First of all you need to Download cDataSet.xlsm and go to the scriptDBCom module, where you’ll find various examples. Readonly, no oAuth2. To get used to the API we’ll first of all use some  of my test […]


Using data from multiple scriptDB

There are a number of examples on this site of one library being used to provide data to another script. You may want to do this for a number of reasons. The limit for a […]


Locking down scriptDB

One of the great strengths of scriptDB is also one of its weaknesses. It is easy to share amongst projects, but it’s hard to detect who is using it since Session.getActiveUser() only works within domains, […]

From VBA to Google Apps Script

Tracking activity with ScriptDB

NOTE: ScriptDB is now deprecated. Please take a look at Database abstraction with google apps script for alternatives. I leave this article here for interest.In Using scriptDB, I covered some usages of scriptDB,along with a method of siloing data […]

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Hosting your public scriptdb

You will need a script to host the scriptdb that contains your public data. In the step by step guide, Delegation to Google Apps Script, you should have created a script, pubstuff and added the mcpher library. […]

Microsoft Office & VBA

A VBA API for scriptDB

UPDATE as now been closed and moved to I will update the content of this page an move the back-end to this platformis text. I like scriptDB, but in many ways I prefer […]


Google Apps ScriptDB

NOTE: ScriptDB is now deprecated. Please take a look at Database abstraction with google apps script for alternatives. The versatile scriptDB scriptDB is a javaScript object database for Google Apps Script project. It is a very useful feature to […]

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scriptDB API for JavaScript

We have CRUD natively to scriptDB from Google Apps Script, A VBA API for scriptDB gave us one for Excel – now here’s one for JavaScript. That means you can use the same noSQL database for all […]