In  Ramping color swatches I showed how you count transition smoothly between colors by manipulation of the red, green and blue components of the source and target colors. I used some dulux paint color names to demonstrate this ramping, which are picked up as described in Looking up color table

So what else can we do ? In the color table, I have various other color schemes, such as schemes based on Pantone PMS and Pantone Fashion and Home. The Pantone schemes are not available publicly so these tables have been gathered from multiple web sources and investigation, and no doubt I’ll refine them over time. I also have the html color scheme and a few others defined.

The Pantone Spring Collection colors

So let’s for fun, plot the 2013 Pantone spring color swatches, individually and ramped. This is a good illustration of using cDataSetLooking up color table  and the Color ramp library together to create some reusable modules to pull together into various applications
and here they are. 


How does this work

In addition to  Looking up color table , we also have a table of exactly what these collections are. You’ll see that there are collections from multiple years in the full table – we are going to use this later. For now we are interested only in the spring 2013 colors.
Here is the code for creating the diagram above, using the libraries in the cDataSet.xls