Converting excel.vba projects to google apps script.

You are ready to move to the cloud, but what about all those legacy vba apps? Are they really going to influence your decision such that you have to stay where you are?

Moving to google docs

As an experiment, I am converting a very complex vba project to google apps script. As it turns out, it’s not so hard, and with a little preparation, it’s possible to create a set of libraries that abstracts the whole thing away from the platform, excel or google docs, so that even dual maintenance is feasible, and we will certainly have the tools to make future migrations a breeze.

You can follow along with the migration, or even help. See here for the migration of an excel roadmap per project to google apps script.

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  1. Very very interesting. I have been Google App Script since day one, but never tried to port VBA stuff to Apps Script. Definitely would like to see the libraries that you put together for this project.

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