Creating Data Driven Mapping applications

Creating Data Driven Mapping applications
In a previous post I looked at the the various mapping packages and how they compared. Having concluded that Google Maps was the winner, I started to work on an Excel application that could generate the necessary javaScript to Map Excel data and create tabbed Info Windows with embedded Google Visualization. This is now completed and can be downloaded and read about on the Excel Ramblings Site

Open up Google Maps and Vizualizations to Excel users
It occurred to me that Google Maps and Google Visualizations were pretty much out of reach to those who did not know javaScript, or have much web experience, even though they might quite adept at VBA and have some interesting data that could benefit from these tools.

VizMap application: DEPRECATED
The purpose of this application then is to take Excel Data and some parameters and create an html file to map and visualize that data. In the example you’ll find 3 demo applications that have been created this way. You can also run them directly below

  1. A Customer/Orders theme.
  2. A Concert Venues/Artist theme.
  3. A Dictators/Palaces theme
Non-Excel users
Since the javaScript component of this is taking a jSon formatted framework definition, as well as jSon data, clearly this input can be created manually or indeed from some web service, so this application may be of some interest to non- Excel users also. All that is needed is to write 2 functions that will return the framework (what the application needs to look like and how to present data), and the data that needs to be displayed.
More on this on future blog entries. I look forward to your comments on this blog or at our forum.
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