It would be useful to keep a reference guide to all projects and libraries shared on github, and their IDS. If you are using gasgit, then we already have everything needed to make that as part of the workflow.
Here’s a link to all of mine. It’ll be updated automatically each time there’s a change or update to any of my published scripts.
It looks like this

How does it work

gasgit creates an info.json file for all the source code it is managing in each repository. Summarizing these into a spreadsheet can be done like this
function doSheet () {
  // this is the extractor handle
  var extractor = getExtractor();
  // get all the info files
  var result  = extractor.getAllTheInfos();
  if (!result.success) {
    throw 'failed to get all the infos ' + JSON.stringify(result);
  var infos =;
  writeSummarySpreadsheet ({
    infos: infos,
    id: 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
    name: 'list',
    gitRoot: ''
function writeSummarySpreadsheet(options) {
  if(!options) return;
  const id =;
  const name =;
  const infos = options.infos;
  const gitRoot = options.gitRoot;
  if(!id || !name || !infos || !gitRoot) {
    throw 'missing options from summary sheet'
  const fiddler = new cUseful.Fiddler(SpreadsheetApp.openById(id).getSheetByName(name));
  fiddler.setData( {
    return {
      name: f.title,
      created: new Date(f.createdDate),
      modified: new Date(f.modifiedDate),
      noticed: new Date(f.noticed),
      github: gitRoot + f.title,
      modules: {

This is already in the latest version of gasgit, to grab that , (remember to keep your own settings), update the sheet id and sheetname to one of your own, and you’re good to go.

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