If you use sidebars with html service, you are probably used to using google.script.run to be able to execute apps script functions from within htmlservice, as well as how to pass arguments back and forwards. However, only stringifyable objects can be passed. So for example, you couldn’t pass an Apps Script service – say like a property service.

While creating Running things in parallel using HTML service, in general, I didn’t find this to be an issue, but I came across a few examples where I wanted to describe an Apps Script Service or a library name to use in a profile, which was then passed on to Htmlservice for orchestration, and executed using google.script.run

This kind of objects get lost in translation because they are non-regular JSON type objects.

There is a way around it though. Here’s how


Let’s say that we want to pass the message that a script to be run by google.script.run should use a particular Property Store. If you take a look at Passing data to html service you’ll see how to pass variables to html service. If I wanted to pass something like this

then driverob would get lost in the process of being passed over to html service, yet here I want to pass information to html service that the apps script will later execute using google.script.run should use.

So how to do it ?

By including a sub-property of eval, and then what needs to be evaled as a string, you can postpone the business of resolving the apps script object until later, inside the context of a script being executed by google.script.run

The script then just needs to do this to evaluate the parameterized apps script object when it executes. I use the same technique for library names.

Very simple but works great.

For more like this see Google Apps Scripts Snippets
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