parse.com as now been closed and moved to parseplatform.org. I will update the content of this page an move the back-end to this platformis text.

I like scriptDB, but in many ways I prefer to use parse.com because of the multiple API support. You can get to your data from many platforms such as IOS, Android etc. I added to these lately with parse.com – nosql database for VBA and parse.com – noSQL database for GAS, giving a way to use parse.com to share data between its existing supported platforms, VBA and Google Apps Script.

The parse API works well, so why not make one for ScriptDB that could be accessed initially by VBA, but later by other platforms too. I’ve poked around with this in a few examples such as Locking down scriptDBUsing data from multiple scriptDBHosting your public scriptdb and many others, but I thought it was about time to do a full blown one that allows updating and so on as well as querying.

As a design criteria, I wanted to keep the interface as close to the parse.com ones as possible. Like this, the main code could remain the same, with just the API library differing depending on the underlying database chosen.

You can get cDataSet.xlsm to test all this from Downloads. There is also a javascript version

Some primer slides


How to get going with this

 You can get me on Google plus, Twitter or this forum, and compare this topic with parse.com – nosql database for VBA and parse.com – noSQL database for GAS so you can see more about choosing about which noSQL database to use.