Today’s article is from Petros Chatzipantazis of and highlights some ways to protect your VBA code from modification or theft.

Secure VBA code for Excel andPowerPoint is now a reality!

The Unviewable+ & Secure++ projects is an attempt to once and for all protect your intellectual VBA property without external file dependencies. The current methods to password protect your code are either very weak and can easily be hacked with numerous detailed articles published all over the internet or quite complex.

What if you didn’t need to worry about others modifying or even stealing your code? 

With the Unviewable+ & Secure++ projects, this thought is now a reality. With support from the Excel community’s finest, we hired a world-class developer to code our programs in Delphi applications. Our Indiegogo campaign contributors have helped us exceed our goal and add several additional features in the programs. The Unviewable+ application was shaped by our supporters for our supporters.

An Unviewable+ VBA project cannot be defeated by numerous password hacking software, such as this password recovery add-in. The unviewable+ VBA application is not based on the old shared workbook trick, which is easy to defeat.

The software is an executable that will turn your add-in (workbook or presentation) into an add-in (workbook or presentation) with an unviewable VBA project. Besides Excel macro-enabled files, the unviewable+ application can also protect macro-enabled PowerPoint presentations.

Secure++ files has no readable VBA code anymore. No installation is required, file extension is maintained and there are no dependencies on libraries. For ultimate protection, Secure++ files are locked for use on a target PC only.

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