In How to update modules automatically in VBA, you can see how to add and update modules from github directly in VBA. This post on the Excel Ramblings blog, will take you through a step by step example.

Most code on this site can be found in either cDataSet.xlsm or googleMapping.xlsm which are also available in the downloadable page here, but the problem with that is you end up with a bunch of stuff you don’t need in your workbook, and it’s difficult to update later with bug fixes and new features.

So now we need a reference list for how to get various pieces of code into your workbook. Once you have followed the instructions for IDE access and installed the gistThat_ module you can create a procedure or run these in the immediate window. They can be run at anytime to get updates. They will also add the required references to your project. I always recommend running on a blank workbook the first time to ensure that everything compiles in your environment. Note that these add just the libraries, not the examples – you should get any examples you need from cDataSet.xlsm or googleMapping.xlsm
Here’s the code to get various families of classes, modules and references from github. Note – the 2nd argument (true) is only required if you already have some of these modules that have not previously been loaded by gistThat – it allows the overwriting of modules not being maintained by gistThat. After the 1st load you can drop it.
Note – I have also implemented a direct VBA to GIT capability which I tend to use nowadays instead of this – see Integrate VBA with Github



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