JSON deserializer

Completing the JSON deserializer/serializer

I was missing being able to deal with arrays and could only deal with strings in the first version of this, but have finally figured out how to deal with this. By introducing a parent object for array members I was able to treat arrays the same way as a group of key value pairs. This means that a JSON string as follows

{ "hiddendata": {
        "lastaccess": {
                "username": [
                  "startedat": "2/7/2011 11:55:13 PM",
                  "finishedat": "2/7/2011 11:46:55 PM"
         "summary": {
                   "timeopen": "474474",
                   "countopen": "9"


translates into a cJobject that looks like this

hiddendata.lastaccess.username._array.1    fhk647
hiddendata.lastaccess.username._array.2    99
hiddendata.lastaccess.startedat            2/7/2011 11:55:13 PM
hiddendata.lastaccess.finishedat           2/7/2011 11:46:55 PM
hiddendata.summary.timeopen                474474
hiddendata.summary.countopen               9

and can be accessed in various ways such as the below

set cj = new cObject
With cj.child("lastaccess")
end With
With cj.child("summary")
end With


I haven’t bothered with date decoding for now. Next step is to test all this with a whole bunch of JSON examples

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