Public Enum ptLevels

    • ptLevelNone    
    • ptLevelLow
    • ptLevelMedium
    • ptLevelHigh
    • ptLevelAll


These are given  when creating a cProcProfiler or starting a cProcTimer. They allow you to filter which sections to include in a profile session without having to change your code. A cProcProfiler created with a level of ptLevelNone will not do any profiling at all -essentially disabling profiling but allowing the code to remain.
One created with ptLevelAll will report on all sections.
Lets say we were to create a profiler with ptLevelMedium
This would cause only sections with a level of ptLevelLow and ptLevelMedium to be processed, omitting those with ptLevelHigh


Using ptLevels allows you to leave profiler code in place and control its execution from just one place when you create the profiler in the first place

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