More color schemes

The purpose of this app is to select related colors that appear in a predefined scheme (for example pantone matching system etc). That means I’m always looking for more color schemes. If you would like to contribute a color scheme to add to the scheme library, all I need is the link to a Google Document with the scheme in it, formatted like the colortable tab in this spreadsheet.

Running the app

You can run the color scheme explorer standalone at, or embed this link in an iFrame or google gadget on your site.  This will give you this 
Google script not working anymore
It is using that has now become The above cannot be displayed. The code below needs adapted to parseplatform. If you have already worked with the platform or think you can adapt the code below to parseplatform i would be grateful for you to contact me.

The code


With the warning in mind above, here is the code as it was before the changes.