Update Nov2017
UPDATE:  parse.com as now been closed and moved to parseplatform.org. I will update the content of this page an move the back-end to this platform

Just as in parse.com – nosql database for VBA, you’ll probably want to load up some test data from a Google Spreadsheet to a Parse.com class.  You’ll find some test data in this workbook – it’s same data as we used from Excel.

Here’s the code you’ll need (after making a reference to your parseCom script as described in parse.com – noSQL database for GAS), to create 2 new classes in your parse.com database.
function testPopulate() {
  populateFromName ("gasParseCustomers");
  populateFromName ("gasParseData");
function populateFromName (sheetName) {
   parseCom.populateFromSheetValues(SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet().getSheetByName(sheetName).getDataRange().getValues(), sheetName);

In the Examples code in the parseCom library you copied there is some code that knows how to populate parse.com from spreadsheet data.

function populateFromSheetValues (values,className) {

  //this will clear out an existing parse class, and create a new one from a worksheet
  //we'll use batch mode throughout
  // need at least a row and a row of headings
  if (!values || values.length < 2 ) return null;
  //var parseCom = getParsed(className).batch(true);

  var package = JSON.parse(UserProperties.getProperty("parseKeys"));
  var parseCom = cParseCom.getParsed(className, package).batch(true);
  //clear out existing any existing data
  // find out best types for each column
  dataTypes = [];
  for ( var j =0,job={} ; j < values[0].length;j++) {
      for ( var i=1; i < values.length;i++) {
        if (toType(values[i][j]) != dataTypes[j]) { 
          dataTypes[j] = dataTypes[j]  ? "string" : toType(values[i][j]);

  // populate parse  
  for ( var i=1; i < values.length;i++) {
    for ( var j =0,job={} ; j < values[i].length;j++) {
      var v = values[i][j], k = values[0][j];
      // deal with where we have to take a guess at the type
      if (dataTypes[j] === "date") {
        job[k] = {"__type":"Date","iso":v};
      else {
        job[k] = dataTypes[j] === 'string' ? v.toString() : v;
    if (!parseCom.createObject(job).isOk()) throw("failed to create object:" + w.browser().url() + ":" + w.browser().status() + ":" + w.browser().text());
  Logger.log(parseCom.count() + " in class" + className);

For more on this see parse.com – noSQL database for GAS.
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