Update Nov2017
UPDATE:  parse.com as now been closed and moved to parseplatform.org. I will update the content of this page an move the back-end to this platform

Because the GAS API is so similar to parse.com – nosql database for VBA, you may want to read that too, which has similar examples. Note that virtually all methods can be chained leading to pretty compact code.

Retrieving an object by unique ID

In parse every object (row) is assigned a unique ID. If you know it you can retrieve that object. You can find it in your parse.com dashboard and substitute in a valid unique ID in the example below
The results

Querying objects

You can query by example, and add options like sort order
The results

Counting objects

You can count total number in the class, or matching a query
The results

Updating Objects

You can do a query, and update some or all of the fields in the matching objects

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