rest library for Excel

Eliminating repetitive coding of Excel web service integration

I find myself writing more and more web service to Excel integrations. Here are just a few examples of webservice-Excel integrations from the excel ramblings site. I thought it was about time to generalize this in the form of a new class cRest, and a library of known integrations.

As usual, jSon – Excel conversion and Excel data abstraction are used to make the whole thing straightforward. Here’s an example of populating a worksheet named “tweets” from a supplied query using this new library and class.

Public Sub testTwitter()
    generalTestQuery "tweets", "twitter", _
        InputBox(prompt:="Enter your twitter search query", _
             Title:="twitter API query:results to the tweets worksheet")
End Sub


And another using a datatable to generate a set of queries to Yahoo GeoCoding and fill in the table from the responses

Public Sub testYahooGeocode()
           generalTestDataSetQuery "geocoding", "yahoo geocode", "input address"
End Sub


Take a look at the article on the Excel ramblings site and download the example workbook, contact me for more details on our forum, follow me on twitter, or follow this blog to get more detail on this topic as it is published.

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