fake news analysis with apps script
API Specific

Detect fake news with Google Fact Check tools

I came across Google’s FactCheckTools API today, so I thought it might be fun to add to my bmApiCentral Apps Script library. This API can be used to both search popular fake news claims and […]

Google Cloud Platform

Creating a Kubernetes deployment

This is a step in Getting an API running in Kubernetes, and you should first have created an app to be deployed as described in Building your App ready for Kubernetes deployment, you have a […]

Google API

Getting an API running in Kubernetes

In Getting cockroachDB running with Kubernetes I covered how to get your cockroach database orchestrated by Kubernetes. Next you’ll want to get your API running, and expose it over SSL. Normally I’d put these kind […]

Apps Script & Java Script

GAS API for handler

As covered in Handler for cScriptDbCom requests, a handler will deal with REST requests  from VBA API for scriptDB. In addition to a reference to the dispatcher library, it needs a reference to a GAS LIbrary for the […]

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API Specific

Sheets API – Developer Metadata

  Why Sheets Developer Metadata ? With Sheets API developer metadata, you can associate keys and data with a spreadsheet, sheet, row or column. Previously, if you wanted to ‘remember’ some data attribute, let’s say […]