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SuperFetch plugin – Firebase client for Apps Script

Frb is a SuperFetch plugin to easily access a Firebase Real time database. SuperFetch is a proxy for UrlFetchApp with additional features – see SuperFetch – a proxy enhancement to Apps Script UrlFetch for how it […]


Firebase service accounts on Node.js

Here’s how to set up a service account to access your firebase data base in admin mode. It’s quite disjointed in the docs, so here it is from start to finish. The console Just as […]


Firebase auth for graphql clients

This’ll be quite a long post, or maybe a series of them, as auth is always complicated. Lets first of all set the scene. This is a VueJs client that needs access, both authenticated and […]

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Firebase JSON REST access library for Apps Script

The BigQuiz app uses Firebase for keep track of the question, category and game scores of individual players. In Firebase custom authentication with goa I showed how to use Goa to manage authentication for Firebase. This firebase access library works with […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Ephemeral Exchange

Sometime you need to exchange transient data between platforms, but they don’t talk to each other very well. For example you could be launching a webapp with some data generated from Excel, but you want […]