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Apps Script

Proxy implementation of Apps Script GraphQL Class

In Resuscitating the Apps Script execution transcript – JavaScript Proxy and Reflect to the rescue I showed how we could use the ES6 Proxy global object to intercept calls to Apps Script services so we could […]

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Apps Script

Upstash as an Apps Script cache platform

Upstash as an Apps Script cache platform Upstash is a brand new service offering a serverless redis over https  via a GraphQL  API. Previously redis was hard to use along with Apps Script since we […]


Elastic Search

This section is all about using Elastic Search with Cockroach DB and GraphQL. Sometimes SQL just doesn’t cut it for the kind of searching that’s required nowadays, and you need to use something that’s designed […]


Firebase auth for graphql clients

This’ll be quite a long post, or maybe a series of them, as auth is always complicated. Lets first of all set the scene. This is a VueJs client that needs access, both authenticated and […]

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APIS and techniques

Apollo graphql backend

This collection of articles deal with getting Graphql/Apollo server up and running on Node Rate limit handling A deep dive into rate-limiting with the Vimeo API