Apps Script & Java Script

Using es6 promises server side in Apps Script

In Using promises with apps script I showed how to use promises with HTML service as a better way of managing asynchronous functions (especially from the client. Promises are a great way to express the order […]

Microsoft Office & VBA

SetTimer and VBA

You can use the Windows API to call setTimer() to do something a little like setTimeout in javaScript. However there are some serious gymnastics to be able to have multiple timers going at the same […]

Microsoft Office & VBA

Complex aynchronous web services

Here’s where it gets really interesting. Let’s say that we need to get some large number of spreadsheets from Google Docs. We want to do it asynchronously, and we also know that google docs will […]

Microsoft Office & VBA

asynch ADO using promises

In Promises in VBA I introduced how to use promises in VBA to orchestrate asynchronous activities. One of the things that you can do in VBA asynchronously is to get data from a workbook or a database […]