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End to end analysis, Excel and explorer

This is a blog post of which the excerpt is below. Click on the title to read the full post.  Read the post Visualization of Sites to Tags with d3.js

Apps Script & Java Script

Site data to sheets

In Analyzing site content with GAS I showed how to analyze a Google Site and get the data as json, or file it on Google Drive. Next we want to do something with it. Here I’ll use […]

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Apps Script & Java Script

d3 concept browser

In Node focus on Blogger posts and Node focus explorer without excel I showed how you might browse sites by connected topic, rather than hierarchically. This used a D3.js force diagram as the navigation tool.  I got to thinking […]

Apps Script & Java Script

GAS and Sites

Using Google Apps Script with Google Sites This site was hosted on Google Sites but I decided not long ago to migrate it to WordPress. Although Sites has improved significantly since I started to use […]


Getting the pages in the site

This was also part of each evenings scheduled run. The site was serialized and each analytics entry is matched up to a page on the site. This whole project was heavily recursive, right from the site organization, […]