To take the idea covered in Getting lists as a restquery a little further, why not simple expose all the custom blister functions so they can be queried too. This means that you can use exactly the same lists, and have the same lookup, filtering and sorting capability as from the custom functions in GAS.

The Google Script API URL


These are passed on the URL as usual. Remember that everything is case sensitive, and not all functions need all parameters.
 parameter  usage
 func  the name of any custom blister functions. For example, func=blisterData
 listName  the name of the list to get the data for. For example, listName=blister.airlines
 sortId  the listId to sort on, for example, sortId=carrier
 sortDescending  whether to sort descending or not
 listId  the listId to select, for example, listId=name
 idx  the position of the item, for example, idx=20
 value  the value to lookup, for example value=UA
 returnListId  the listId of the data to return, for example, returnListId=name
 library  the name of the library to directory, for example, library=blister
 filters  the list of filterIDs and filterValue pairs to apply, separated by commas, for example, filters=carrier,UA


Try some of the examples in Using blister custom functions as these type of rest queries.

The Code

is fairly trivial – all we are doing is calling existing functions
All comments, suggestions, assistance, good lists are welcome as I develop this capability. You can get me on Google plus, Twitter or this forum.