There are so many Apps Script projects out there where the source code is published on Github, but it’s hard to find what you want. Whether it’s a library, an example of an add-on, how to use an advanced service, or just see who is working on what. I fugured it would be nice if we had a searchable visualization of everything that’s public.

It’s here

Visualization of apps script projects

The detailed view looks like this

scrviz - vizzy all the apps script projects on github


And you can filter on many things

scrviz - vizzy -filtering

Detailed information

There are tooltips on every text  item, which will give you addition information and link to the github projects

Repo owners

scrviz -vizzy repo owners



scrviz vizzy - repos


scrviz - vizzy - manifests


scrviz - vizzy - oauthscopes

Datastudio connectors

scrviz - vizzy -datastudio connectors


scrviz - vizzy - libraries


Advanced services

scrviz - vizzy advanced services


And various other tips. Try the app  –   to see more.

The detailed view is toggled on an off with the tree symbol on the App toolbar

and the filtering menu is available from the hamburger on the App toolbar


I’ll be writing up how this was built in follow up posts.

Github repo

You’ll find the client here

All about scrviz

How to get on there

All you need to do it push a public project to git hub, and make sure it includes your appscript.json. The data gets updated every couple of days.