You’ll know from Every Google Apps Script project on Github visualized that you can get a very large diagram of all known public Apps Script projects and from Find and clone Apps Script projects from github directly into the IDE with scrviz that you can clone a project from Github directly to a new Apps Script project. This extends that idea so that you can send a personalized link to someone that finds and focuses on a given owner, repo or project – if you send a project link it makes it easy for you to distribute your code and for the recipient to make his own project directly from github. You can also distribute a link directly to your personal scrviz card to help  Showcase your Apps Script work and get hired via vizzy

Getting a link

The easiest way to get a direct link is to find the card you want to distribute on scrviz and copy the link on the card. For example, here’s my own card.

You’ll see that you can copy the direct link – which will look like this

If you share this link it will kick off scrviz positioned in the visualization at my card, and with it pinned.

Sharing repos

Sharing a repo is exactly the same procedure

Here’s the link to my gasGit repo

Sharing a project

This is the most interesting option. You can share a manifest (the appsscript.json) to allow the immediate cloning of that project.

Here’s the link to my cGoa library project

So now whoever has this link configure and clone into the IDE



You can of course create your own links manually or programatically rather than picking them up from scrviz. The supported parameters for are

  • ?owner=github-login – eg. ?owner=brucemcpherson
  • ?repo=github-repo – eg. ?repo=brucemcpherson/cGoa
  • ?manifest=github-path-toappsscriptjson  -eg. ?manifest=brucemcpherson/cGoa/appsscript.json

and you may want to uri encode them just in case.

Technical note

I had some fun figuring out how to position at the initial card in the D3 visualization, but it’s all good now. I’ll do a separate article on that for those that interested in D3.






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