Get yourself found as an Apps Script consultant

Every Google Apps Script project on Github visualized  introduced this vizzy app  to give a searchable view into public apps script projects on Github. If you are looking for an Apps Script consultant, what better way to find one than through their work. Github keeps a few useful pieces of information like contact details and company, but it also provides a place to add your bio and whether you’re hireable. Now Vizzy allows filtering on ‘hireability’ as well as including these extra fields in the Owner tab of the visualization.

How to get on it

Just make sure  your Github profile bio, twitter username, email, company and blog url is up to date. It’ll eventually end up in Vizzy. If you’re hireable, make sure you tick this box in your github profile

github hireable



There’s a tickbox on the filter menu to restrict visualization to only hireable repo owners which combines with the other filters. That way you can for example, search for someone hireable who’s already created a project using a set of given oauth scopes or some other criteria.

Here’s an example of finding someone who is hireable, and has experience of using the admin directory scope.

vizzy hireable filter

Or find someone in your own timezone

vizzy timezone hireability




Here’s what the info card looks like including this information.

vizzy profile info


What’s next

The data for the visualization is available if you want to build something else – for an example see Vizzy github data open access – how to build something with Apps Script

Contact me if you have some ideas on how we could make this more useful or want to collaborate on the further development. You can use the issues tab on the Vizzy repo.

Check out the app live at


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