Info Card customization

By default the info card appears when you hover over a node in the scrviz visualization. Although the info card is they key tool for investigating scrviz entries, it can be annoying if you don’t need to see or access it. Here’s some strategies to tailor the behavior of the info card to your preference.

Option 1 – turn it off altogether

If you just want to explore the vizualization without any info cards, then you can turn off all info cards.

disable info cards

Option 2 – disable info cards on hover.

Normally info cards will be shown as you hover over nodes. If you want to stop that behavior and just show them when a node is clicked, you can control that too

info card on hover or click

Option 3 – pin/unpin cards

When you click on a node text, its card automatically gets pinned. That means it stays in position until either you click on another card, you click on the node again or you unpin it. This allows you move around the viz still keeping the selected info card in view. While a card is pinned, hovering over other cards is ignored.

unpin scrviz info card


Option 4 – Dismiss the current card

If you hover over any of the toolbar view options, the currently displayed card will disappear.

dismiss info card




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