First Shapes

Recap We’ve read our data, and set up the parameters. The data structures are working according to our debug reports, and we have dipped our toe into recursion. Now to pull it all together and […]


Roadmap Parameters

How to collect parameter data There are many ways to get user input in VBA, including the use of forms and so on. However that is not going to be very good for our purposes, […]

Microsoft Office & VBA

How to use the Excel Roadmapper

What can you learn here? Create roadmaps Presentation quality Learn roadmap options User Guide to Roadmapper – Get it now Elsewhere on this site, I take you through the development of a roadmapper in Excel. Looking at […]


Roadmap Generation

Introduction to roadmapping This section shows how to build a roadmapper. You can of course download the finished project if you don’t want to follow along with the development and just need a ready made one. It’s the […]