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Desktop Liberation and its related blog and G+ community aims to help you use cloud based APIS and services without being constrained by your desktop software. There’s a particular emphasis on Google APIs and JavaScript, but there’s also plenty of Microsoft and other stuff here too. All code here is unprotected and free to re-use

To support my site, and if you find the material useful, you can buy my Google Apps Script and VBA titles published by O’Reilly media.

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  • Orchestration of asynchronicty in ExcelCompared to languages such as javaScript, VBA lacks the syntax to effectively deal with asynchonicity. Javascript is all about starting something and getting a callback when done. VBA has limited, and [...]
  • A whole bunch of front end platform libraries that go together really well, but that are hard to grasp and get started with. Here’s a bunch of snippets to help show how all these things [...]
  • There are lots of references to color on this site, and it seems to be a subject second only to jSon  in popularity. In this section I’ll bring together some new and some older color related topics.Note [...]
  • Here’s a way to automatically publish documentation about every VBA project, module, procedure and class in the currently open Workbook. There are four options for output, each directly from Excel.Google interactive tableStatic html web pagejSonA [...]

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