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Most Recent Articles

gql on cloud run

Setting up a GraphQL server on Cloud Run

In a recent article Puppeteer, Cloud Run and GraphQL together I covered a GraphQL API for Pupeteer hosted on Google Cloud Run. This is publicly available for you try out. This article will cover all you need to know to get your own version running in your own Cloud Project. You'll find scripts here in the shells folder of the repo for every step, and of course you can repurpose them for any service you want to setup. What you'll need You can clone the code from github here, and use npm to install the dependencies. What you'll learn How to do the following general gcloud operations Create GCP projects Assign billing accounts to projects Create service accounts and assign permissions Create and manage secrets Build an image with Cloud Build Deploy to cloud run and consume secrets in your service Consume secrets in your own ephemeral terminal sessions In ...
puppeteer cloud run graphql

Puppeteer, Cloud Run and GraphQL together

A Google Cloud run hosted puppeteer with a graphQL interface and examples in Node and Apps Script ...
convert pdf to multiple images

Manipulating PDFS in Apps Script

If you've used my Convert any file with Apps Script you'll know that it can take a wide range of files (currently 53 different mimeTypes, 42 types of imports, and 26 kinds of exports) and convert from one format to another. It uses the import and export functionality of the ...
asyncronicity, promises and apps script

Promises and async class constructors in Apps Script

Apps Script doesn't do asynchronous - so what's this all about? Since the move to v8, Apps Script supports the Promises as well as the related async/await syntax. Normally we don't have to worry about all that since all Apps Script services are synchronous. Yet we do know that server ...
Sharing cache between Google Workspace projects

Sharing cache between Google Workspace projects

Shared cached data between multiple scripts with this enhanced Apps Script Cacheservice library ...
js proxy

Extending a cache client with a proxy

Extend a client library object by proxying and intercepting calls to its native methods. This example adds functionality to a redis client, and also gives tips on using GCP secret manger for configuration ...
bash logo

Kubernetes secret values as shell environment variables

Getting a bunch of secret values out of kubernetes into your local shell ...
workload identity

Workload identity with Kubernetes cronjobs to synch Mongo to Bigquery

An example use case for Kubernetes workload identity federation - transferring collections from mongodb to bigquery with a Kubernetes cron job ...
custom chroma scheme

Color scales, custom schemes and proxies with Apps Script

How to add Google Material Colors and your own custom schemes to chroma ...

Proxy magic with Google Apps Script

I've written a few articles on here about JavaScript proxy and reflect. I use both extensively not only in Node projects but also in Apps Script. In this article I'll demonstrate how to extend built-in Apps Script objects. We'll fiddle with UrlFetchApp to build in caching and graphql capabilities right ...
doppler secret dashboard

Sharing secrets between Doppler, GCP and Kubernetes

3 secret managers working together. How to use GCP Secret Manager, Kubernetes secrets and Doppler together ...
matching random colors to pantone palette

Find nearest matches in color schemes with Apps Script

Here's another article on playing around with color in Apps Script. Let's say you have a defined list of colors in a scheme (for example paint or textile colors or perhaps a predefined scheme like Pantone), and you want to find the nearest color in that scheme that matches a ...
Detect fake news AI generated

Detect fake news with Google Fact Check tools

I came across Google's FactCheckTools API today, so I thought it might be fun to add to my bmApiCentral Apps Script library. This API can be used to both search popular fake news claims and to post fact check reviews. In this case though, I've only implemented the search piece ...
file conversion

Convert any file with Apps Script

Apps Script library to convert between file types, including OCR for image to documents, with a huge repertoire of conversion combinations ...
nytimes brexit sentiment

Colorize sentiment in a Google document

Anaylze and colorize the sentiment of inidivual sentences in Google using Documents Google Language API ...

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