Google Authentication

Google Apps Script Oauth2 for Vimeo with Goa

The Vimeo Rest API is a simple, standard API. It’s been added to the Goa library list of services. Goa library is available with this key, and on github MZx5DzNPsYjVyZaR67xXJQai_d-phDA33 Vimeo dashboard There are various kinds […]

APIS and techniques

More cloud streaming

In Stream content to Google Cloud Storage I covered how you could stream content (in this case a video file) from a hosted URL to an object on cloud storage in preparation for labelling it with the […]

APIS and techniques

Stream content to Google Cloud Storage

This article looks at the Node implementation to stream content directly to google cloud storage, and we’ll look at how to convert that to a Cloud run function in a later one. Note that although […]

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APIS and techniques

API rate limiting handling

  If you use any kind of API you’ll eventually have to deal with rate limiting. Most API providers introduce rate limiting to prevent abuse if their platform, but it can be tricky to deal […]

APIS and techniques

Apollo graphql backend

This collection of articles deal with getting Graphql/Apollo server up and running on Node Rate limit handling A deep dive into rate-limiting with the Vimeo API