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Proxy implementation of Apps Script GraphQL Class

In Resuscitating the Apps Script execution transcript – JavaScript Proxy and Reflect to the rescue I showed how we could use the ES6 Proxy global object to intercept calls to Apps Script services so we could […]

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Handly helper for fiddler

If you use some of my libraries, you may have come across  the Fiddler class, which abstracts sheet data and provides a more functional way to manage data from multiple sheets in a Google Spreadsheet. […]

apps script v8
Apps Script & Java Script

Qottle recipe: Managing asynchronous queues with duplicates

Qottle recipe for managing asynchronous queues with duplicates Qottle is a queue for asynchronous tasks with prioritization, ratelimit, and concurrency support. It can also detect and reject duplicate requests. This recipe shows an example of […]

From VBA to Google Apps Script

classes and javaScript

Creating and working with classes in VBA is very different from working with js classes. In fact, JavaScript is a classless language – there is no such thing as a class. This is not so […]

Integrating Excel with Maps and Earth

Using Twitter in Earth and Maps

javaScript: Twitter API integration with  google Earth and maps This relates to Data Driven Mapping applications and the Javascript HowTo section Twitter API Using the Twitter RESTful API, it is very straightforward to add relevant tweets to […]

Apps Script & Java Script

cJobject and javascript equivalents

There is plenty of reference information cJobject on this site, starting with How to use cJobject, or just enter cJobject in the search box. Here’s a quick reminder of what you’ll need to understand to follow […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Controlling the demo

With a system with many moving parts, we need a way to see progress and to control the behavior as we go. For that I’m using  A google sheet to display results so far A […]


Pixels needed to render a string

Why would you need to ? Perhaps for layout, you may want to place text where it will fit, or change the font size if it doesn’t. On example I came across was using when […]

General JavaScript techniques

jquery promise snippet

Promises are an elegant way of providing for the handling of the future completion of an action in JavaScript. You will be familiar with the concept of a callback. This allows your app to get […]

Apps Script Specific

Migrating from to MongoDB

You probably read the announcement that is closing its hosting service. This is probably a good time to look at firebase, but if you are using my dbabstraction library, you can change to some other backend […]

Apps Script Specific

Backing off on rate limiting

There are many rates and quotas in the Google Apps Script environment. One of the usual ways of dealing with it is to sleep between instructions, but that seems to be a rather blunt instrument. […]


Big quiz score reports

‘m showing score reports for the BigQuiz app. This is an individual players score compared to the maximum he could have got as well as the number of questions that were correctly answered, and also comparing […]


Example of clock using d3 configurable timer

In Configurable circular timer with D3 I showed a circular timer made with D3.js . Although it’s not really what it’s for, this simple example shows how to make a complex viz. This is a clock […]


Configurable circular timer with D3

I don’t use jQuery, neither in regular webapps nor in Apps Script HtmlService apps. No particular reason – I just prefer to use vanilla JavaScript. I often use d3.js, mainly for visualization as in these examples elsewhere […]


BigQuiz app

This is a webapp that touches on a number of different Apps Script capabilities such as.. The app structure OAuth2, and multiple providers and roles Firebase authentication Firebase to manage player data Using libraries to […]

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Using JScript inside VBA

Those of you that read this blog, and the ramblings site, will know that the topic content is about equally split between VBA and javaScript. Until today, I had no idea that there was a […]