You probably read the announcement that is closing its hosting service. This is probably a good time to look at firebase, but if you are using my dbabstraction library, you can change to some other backend with a simple change to how you open the database. All the other query and other code remains exactly the same , regardless of the backend. 
MongoLab provide a free tier if if you want to have a go at MongoDB. 

What changes are needed.

You are probably getting the database handle using some code like this. Here I’m picking up my parse api keys from a property store, and getting a handle for my table called ‘ColorTable’. 

If you want to change to use mongo instead, all you have to do is this – include a different driver library.

The rest of your app is probably doing some queries, saves etc, but none of that needs to change. 

Migrating the data over

I’ve just migrated one of my tables – about 6000 rows over. Once you’ve got your credentials from both Parse and Mongolab, save them to your property store.

And here’s all you have to do, after creating a database using the mongolab dashboard.

The result

17 seconds later I’ve switched over to Mongolab!

More info

You can get the keys of all my libraries here



For this example you’ll need

Here’s a few slides on copying between databases from the Do something useful with GAS in 5 minutes series

For more like this, see Google Apps Scripts snippets and Database abstraction with google apps script


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