Cloud Functions

Mapping custom domains to cloud functions

This is one of a series of articles about Going serverless with Firebase. You many want to read about Firebase cloud functions and Custom domains and ssl with Firebase hosting before this article. Redirecting requests to your custom domain Now […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Get Started Snippets

What can you learn here? Get started Short code snippets Abbreviated explanations Quick examples Get it now This articles on this site are largely about how to do quite big projects. Realizing that you may […]


VBA debug object

There is a debugger for google apps script. Here’s how to use it Compared to the VBA debugger it sucks, so you probably need to be able to log and assert. javaScript does not have […]

From VBA to Google Apps Script

cJobject Class in Google Apps Script

The Rest to Excel library is a set of classes and modules that simplify the populating of Excel sheets with data from RestFul APIs. Google Apps Script of course already has plenty of much better ways to […]

Google API

Web Services

Interacting with APIs This site uses a lot of calls to Google APIs in order to connect Excel to web applications. There are a number of custom classes used everywhere such as  Data Manipulation Classes and Excel […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Mapping the demo

By the time that A gigantic pub crawl gets here, then various components will have suggested pubs inside an area and declared pub crawls. We can use the Maps API to work out the optimal route between […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Let Google Apps Script do the work

For this site, I usually create a Google Apps Script version and a VBA version of the projects and libraries discussed. This is not so hard, since there are utility libraries in both languages, so it’s […]

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Integrating VBA and Javascript

Integrating VBA and Javascript

There’s a lot of stuff on this site about both JavaScript and VBA. In addition to all the JavaScript that people are generating for Apps Script, there are millions of libraries and useful pieces of […]

From VBA to Google Apps Script

Apps for Office

Apps for Office (the JavaScript API for office), is a way of using JavaScript along with Office. This section is all about Microsoft APIs that you might need for working with this.  Office Add-ins – first […]

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Office JavaScript API

Apps and Office bakeoff

If you are migrating from Office to Google Apps (or indeed the other way) a useful way to learn is through a bakeoff process. This is where solutions are shown for the same problem using […]


Watching for changes in an Office add-in

In Watching for server side changes from the client html service I showed a method of noticing and reacting to server side data changes from a client side Apps Script add-on. It boiled down to this   […]


Office Add-ins – first attempt

Office has the concept of an Add-in (previously these were called Apps for Office as well as the JavaScript API for office). At first sight they look pretty much the same as Apps Script Add-ons – […]


Debugging Office JavaScript API add-ins

If you already write Apps Script add-ons, you’ll know that debugging can be a little challenging, and although you can use the developer tools in chrome on a running add-on, breakpoints don’t persist between sessions […]

Apps Script & Java Script

How to use javaScript from VBA

What can you learn here? scriptcontrol object call from VBA use javaScript The ScriptControl Object This object gives you access to a scripting engine that will accept scripting in both javaScript and VBScript. Since this site has […]

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Microsoft Office & VBA

How to pass arrays between javaScript and VBA

What can you learn here? scriptcontrol object make VBArrays make javaScript arrays Array formats In How to use javaScript from VBA I covered how to use the scriptcontrol object to ‘extend’ VBA by scripting in javaScript. […]


Migrating orchestration

These articles are abridged from my  book on Office to Apps migration. Going GAS, from VBA to Google Apps Script. Now available  from O’Reilly or Amazon. As the migration progresses, there is less and less happening in VBA, and its role […]

Apps Script & Java Script


These articles are abridged from my  book on Office to Apps migration. Going GAS, from VBA to Google Apps Script. Now available  from O’Reilly or Amazon VBA does not naturally support JSON, but to be able to use this API (and […]


VBA and Apps Script inventory

These articles are abridged from my  book on Office to Apps migration. Going GAS, from VBA to Google Apps Script. Now available directly from O’Reilly or Amazon. To be able to use the Execution API, various assets that are not naturally […]