What to download

All the individual downloadable items referenced in this site can be found here. Please scroll down to find the package(s) you want.  The 2 most likely ones are cDataSet.xlsm or GoogleMapping.xlsm which you’ll find in the googlemapping and data manipulation folders below.

Note that there is a huge amount of samples and code in these workbooks, and you won’t need most of it.  However, you can update your own workbook or create an empty one with selected code online  automatically  – see this post Integrate VBA with Github.

Everything on this site is free to use. See Reusing code from this site for more details. If you find something of use, please share it on your favorite social network or tweet about it.

For help and more information join our forum, follow the blog or follow me on twitter.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used to in some workbooks to see what is popular, and what versions of what are being used  – see Instrumenting VBA for Google Analytics for details. You can read how I use this on this post.

No personally identifiable information is stored as per Google Terms of Service. If you have problems (no internet connection or proxy problem, or otherwise want to opt out of that),  please follow the instructions below, and modify your copy of what you have downloaded.

You can easily opt out of google analytic reporting by setting pOptOut to true in the cUAMeasure class as below.

Private Sub Class_Initialize()
    Set pBrowser = New cBrowser
    ' change this to true to opt out of analytic reporting
    pOptOut = False

Click on the table below to access the downloadable artefacts