API Specific

Using sheets via Bigquery from Apps Script

The Apps Script team released this post today about integrating BigQuery and sheets. So this means you can use SQL to access any sheets that you’ve linked to bigQuery. You can follow the instructions in […]

APIS and techniques

BigQuery and the Execution API

The data for BigQuiz app is held in BigQuery. In Loading large JSON datasets into BigQuery with Apps Script I showed how you could maintain data in BigQuery with Apps Script, but now when I come to use it, […]


BigQuiz app

This is a webapp that touches on a number of different Apps Script capabilities such as.. The app structure OAuth2, and multiple providers and roles Firebase authentication Firebase to manage player data Using libraries to […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Complete Apps Script Applications

I’ve found that I have completed applications lying around the site, with no good way of finding them. I’m starting this section to walk through complete Apps Script Applications, which cover a number of concepts. […]