Google Cloud Platform

FTP server on Kubernetes with cloud storage and pubsub

Getting an FTP server running on Kubernetes is a little tricky. The FTP service uses multiple ports in its negotiation and you need to make sure that the conversation always connects to the same Kubernetes […]

Google Cloud Platform

Getting a simple app running on Kubernetes

This is a part of the series of posts on Getting memcache up and running on Kubernetes which explained how to create your first cluster and Installing memcache with Kubernetes which installed some memcache instances on your cluster and Exposing […]

Google Cloud Platform

Creating a test app for memcache on Kubernetes

This is a part of the series of posts on Getting memcache up and running on Kubernetes which explained how to create your first cluster and Installing memcache with Kubernetes which installed some memcache instances […]

Google Cloud Platform

Your own free linux VM

Now that Apps Script is opening up with a new CLI tool and API to allow you to use your own development tool change, there’s more reason than ever to start using NodeJs as part of your […]


Firebase service accounts on Node.js

Here’s how to set up a service account to access your firebase data base in admin mode. It’s quite disjointed in the docs, so here it is from start to finish. The console Just as […]

Full Stack

Promise routing in Express

When using the Express router, the usual sequence of events is to detect the route, examine the request, perform some action, then send back the response. It’s quite likely that the action to be performed […]

APIS and techniques

Making sense of OCR – Google Vision

In the project  I’m using for illustrating some of the capabilities of GCP, I need to make sense of a variety of documents, some very complex and some less so. The basic problem though is that there […]

Cloud Functions

Firebase cloud functions

This is one of a series of articles about Going serverless with Firebase What are Cloud functions There are both Google and Firebase branded cloud functions.  They are probably the same thing under the hood, but […]

APIS and techniques

Apollo graphql backend

This collection of articles deal with getting Graphql/Apollo server up and running on Node Rate limit handling A deep dive into rate-limiting with the Vimeo API  

Apps Script & Java Script

Node focus on Blogger posts

In Node focus explorer without excel I showed a d3.js app that could navigate a google site using tags and nodes. This was actually pretty generalized, so it was a minor modification to add blogger post navigation capability also. Again we’ll […]

Microsoft Office & VBA

Regex, scraping and visualizing

Normally I’d want to use the Rest to Excel library to get data into Excel, but sometimes you have to resort to web scraping. My preferred route is to do something in scraperwiki, then use a rest query […]

Apps Script & Java Script

A gigantic pub crawl

  I wanted to put together a gigantic demo to show (and test)  the push notification capability of Ephemeral Exchange to orchestrate many things across many platforms. We’ll be linking up all these things, with the orchestration […]

Cloud Functions

Using Google Maps API with Google cloud functions

If you are thinking about using Google Cloud functions (and you should), you may be wondering how to use things like Google Maps in the context of cloud functions. Well, cloud functions allow you to run Node.js […]


Deploying docker containers to appengine

For my Ephemeral Exchange project I wanted to containerize as much as possible, as I wan’t sure where I was eventually going to host it, and containerizing meant it would be easy to put pretty much anywhere. […]


D3 force from GAS Site

In Site data to sheets i showed how to get basic data from Analyzing site content with GAS into Excel and Google Sheets. To be able to use Excel tables to d3.js Force diagram, we are going to focus on […]


Visualizing Apps Script dependencies

dependencyForce If you use a lot of libraries, sometimes things get a bit messy. You delete an old version to clean up and suddenly notice a few days later that things stop working because it’s […]

Apps Script & Java Script

d3 concept browser

In Node focus on Blogger posts and Node focus explorer without excel I showed how you might browse sites by connected topic, rather than hierarchically. This used a D3.js force diagram as the navigation tool.  I got to thinking […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Node focus explorer without excel

Up till now we’ve been considering a solution for Focus node explorer with d3.js that leverages massaging the data from Analyzing site content with GAS using the stuff we already had from d3.js. That solution also means that you can […]

Full Stack

React, Redux, Redis, Material-UI and Firebase

A whole bunch of front end platform libraries that go together really well, but that are hard to grasp and get started with. Here’s a bunch of snippets to help show how all these things interact.. […]