If you are migrating from Office to Google Apps (or indeed the other way) a useful way to learn is through a bakeoff process. This is where solutions are shown for the same problem using each platform so you can both relate to the example, and also judge which has the more effective and more easily implemented solution.

I’m starting what I hope will grow into a fairly large section of this site contrasting the two platforms. This site is pretty much equally divided between Google and Microsoft content and this is reflected in the visitors, so hopefully I can minimize bias for one or the other. I also know that what I write here will definitely not be the best way to do everything, so I encourage you to submit better or alternative solutions if you can come up with them. However, by submitting them, you are allowing me to publish or tweak them (or not) in any way and any where I want to.


The footprint for Apps and Office are not entirely the same,  so there will be occasions where there is nothing to compare. That in itself is also good information and will add to the rating for each platform. I’ll just include the most common components and that I’ll be likely to touch on in this bakeoff
  Office Apps
 SpreadsheetsExcel Sheets
 DocumentsWord Docs
 DatabaseAccess none
 Site buildingSharepoint Sites
 Presentations Powerpoint Slides
 Forms InfoPath (deprecating) Forms
 Storage One Drive Drive
 Extensions VBA/Apps for Office Apps Script
 Add-ons Add-ins Add-ons