Interacting with APIs

This site uses a lot of calls to Google APIs in order to connect Excel to web applications. There are a number of custom classes used everywhere such as  Data Manipulation Classes and Excel JSON conversion which are tailored to friendliness with web applications.  

Projects which use web services

Although XML is built into Excel, I tend to use jSon to exchange data with web services in all the examples in this site, especially since there are a number of javaScript versions of some of the capabilities developed on this site. The cJobject class is the main interaction between deserialized jSon and VBA.

Here are a selection of articles and examples where you can see and download examples of web service interaction using all of these classes, but the best place to start is probably with the examples in the cDataSet.xlsm workbook

What to download

All the examples contain all the classes needed for them to work and all projects can be found here

If you just want the main utility classes used throughout this site, in the Downloads section cDataSet.xlsm includes everything you need including some examples.  Here’s what you need.

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