There are many Google Apps Script projects and snippets scattered around this site. I’m going to try to organize them in this page, but it will take a while. If you find something on the site that you think should be linked here, please let me know. You are also welcome to contribute your own snips too. Please contact me via our forum
A series of short tutorials are available here Do something useful with GAS in 5 minutes
Many of these snippets are in the cUseful library.
All code here is unprotected and free to re-use. For more details see Reusing code from this site. If you find this site useful and wish to support it, you can do so by  buying my book or video course .

General JavaScript techniques

Music maths and physics

Fiddler – a functional approach to fiddling with tabular data

Apps Script specific

HTML Service


Docs specific

Sheets specific

API specific 

Reorganizing your sites hosted files


Here are some libraries you might find useful and are welcome to use.

Web apps

The web apps will use the GAS content service and return JSON or JSONP (if you include &callback=) when you call them